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Houston Art Car Parade
-- The art that's truly moving!
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Houston Art Car Festival, to ordinary people, a name like "strange shaped car festival" may better describe it, because the cars come with all sorts of shapes. However, to the eye's of the organizer, it is a visionary art. Using their word, it is the "art that's truly moving". We hope the pictures below can also "move" your heart.

The festival actually lasts for 3 days. On Friday morning at 9am, some cars to go Houston Zoo, then to area schools. On Saturday, cars take part in the parade at Allen Parkway, then there are other activities at Sam Houston Park in down town. There are also activities on Sunday all over Houston. If you see strange cars anywhere in Houston during the 3 days, don't be surprised. Afterall, these are "moving arts", we cannot keep them still.

  • When: 2nd or 3rd Saturday in May, noon to afternoon
  • Where: Allen Parkway and down town
  • Cost: free
  • Caution: Be sure to apply sun screen or otherwise protect yourself as the sun is already too hot in May in Houston. Bring enough water too.

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Image 1
image 1
620x413 (75 kb)
The Art Car Parade is held in Allen Parkway and down town area, by the Bufflo Byou.

Image 2
image 2
620x413 (68 kb)
The theme is moving visual arts, to make your heart move as well.

Image 3
image 3
620x410 (77 kb)
What's this strange animal? A bird, or a reptile?

Image 4
image 4
620x413 (71 kb)
This is nothing better.

Image 5
image 5
620x413 (98 kb)
Wow, fruits, drinks...

Image 6
image 6
620x413 (74 kb)

Image 7
image 7
620x413 (78 kb)

Image 8
image 8
620x413 (93 kb)
In the summer heat, penguins bring people cold feelings...

Image 9
image 9
620x413 (85 kb)
... and are always welcomed by people.

Image 10
image 10
620x413 (78 kb)

Image 11
image 11
620x413 (79 kb)
Houston Major Bill White is in fashion too.

Image 12
image 12
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