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San Jacinto Battleground and Battleship Texas
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The battleground is on the east side of Houston, outside of Hwy 8, near the entrance of the ship channel of Port of Houston and about 20 miles from downtown Houston. It is also called Texas San Jacinto Battleground Historic Park. There is also a Texas History Museum, keeping the history of how Texas gained independence from Mexico and later joined union. The battleground is well preserved and all key spots are labeled using stones.

In April of 1836, Mexican President, General Santa Anna chased the rebellion army lead by General Sam Houston, but was ambushed by Houston. The battle lasted only about 15 minutes before Santa Anna's army surrended. However, the killing did not end right away. Sam Houston's army continued to kill about 600 to revenge for the sage of Alamo in San Antonio just a month ago. On the second day, Santa Anna was captured alive. This not so big battle eventually led to the independence of Texas from Mexico.

By the battlefield there was USS Texas, the only existing battleship that took part in both World War I and World War II.

The monument (570 feet) is the highest in the US. At the top you have a magnificent view of the east Houston, the Galveston Bay, and the ship channel.

  • Address: 3523 Highway 134, LaPorte TX 77571
  • Tel: 281-479-2431
  • Cost: The park is fee, but boarding USS Texas costs $10 (12 or older). There are also fees going to the top of the monument or watching movies.
  • How to get there: From I-60 or Hwy 8, take Hwy 225 and go east, then take Hwy-134 and go north.

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Image 1
image 1
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San Jacinto Monument, 570 feet, higher than the Washington Monument, a Texas pride.

Image 2
image 2
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On the sides of the monument kept the history of Texas independence.

Image 3
image 3
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Sculpture describing how people came to Texas, then a Mexican territory.

Image 4
image 4
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This side keeps the statehood of all americans coming to Texas, which included all states of US at the time. There are a...

Image 5
image 5
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There are many stone like this in the park, keeping events that happened right at the spot on that day.

Image 6
image 6
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There are many things from the old days. On this one: "Remember Alamo, Remember Goliad", two battles that all Texans re...

Image 7
image 7
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Image 8
image 8
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The park is surrounded by petrochemical plants, but inside it still looks good.

Image 9
image 9
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You may see eagles, oak trees...

Image 10
image 10
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birds, swans...

Image 11
image 11
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and bridges on the bay,

Image 12
image 12
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battleship USS Texas,

Image 13
image 13
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and the propeller of USS Texas.

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