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Gulf Coast International Dragon Boat Regatta
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The Gulf Coast International Dragon Boat Regatta is held in October in Clearlake, near NASA. Over twenty teams representing different organizations and major sponsors take part in this annual event. There are also exhibitions of martial arts, Bolivia dances, asian foods, and you can enjoy the beautiful October sky in Houston as well.

  • Where: Pasadena Lake at Clear Lake Park (5001 NASA Pkwy, Seabrook TX 77586)
  • When: October
  • Cost: free

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Image 1
image 1
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Houston is close to the Gulf and there are many opportunities for water based activities. The Clear Lake near NASA John...

Image 2
image 2
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The Gulf Coast Dragon Boat Regatta organzied by Texas (Houston) Dragon Boat Association attracts many visitors each year.

Image 3
image 3
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Dragon boat competition originated in China to remember an ancient Chinese poet, Qu Yuan, who was also the prime minist...

Image 4
image 4
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The experts told us that for the boat to travel fast, the head of the boat must be a little bit upward -- that's why we ...

Image 5
image 5
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and a light one near the head.

Image 6
image 6
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Although not yet in the water, practice has already began.

Image 7
image 7
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Anxious to go

Image 8
image 8
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Finally it's our turn.

Image 9
image 9
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The rain did not stop supporters.

Image 10
image 10
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Dragon boats in competition.

Image 11
image 11
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Supporters and visitors.

Image 12
image 12
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Go fast!

Image 13
image 13
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overtaking the other for the lead.

Image 14
image 14
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We won -- in the group.

Image 15
image 15
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There are many other activities are well, such as performance by these little girls.

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